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We are now open to new members!

Aerfren, Apr 6, 12 12:28 PM.
Luclin Raiders  has finally opened our doors to  potential new members.  We have much to offer our members.  We have 2 villages with lots of unclaimed land in each.  We have a Palatial guild halll which is interactive and can be used by your alts who are not in the guild.  We are a small family guild  just starting out which means  room for growth and a welcome atmosphere for  casual and family players.  We hope to eventually join a raid guild to give our members that option.  We are open to suggestions and are still in the developing stages.  We have 13 houses dedicated to  supplies, armor and weapons for  the needs of members of our guild. These are free to our members and include food, pet toys, and sometimes augs depending on what we loot and donate. We offer parking in the guild hall for anchors and also on  any  of the 13 lots, some of which are near the entrance to the  guild lobby.  We offer help for epics, quests and personal advancement upon request. We are connected to 3 other guilds that help us when needed. 

We have all tradeskills covered and for the price of  the materials offer our skills to guild members.  Our guild hall, while mostly finished, still has a few rooms for  aspiring designers. We just ask that your designs fit with our over-all theme.  Also any of the  13 houses are open for designing  as long as it does not exceed 100 items indoors and whatever the  outdoors will hold. There is room for you to make a statement even if you don't own a house.  You can also display your epic weapons in the Guiild Hall -- there is plenty of room for them.

We offer help  for aspiring tradeskillers- guidance and in some cases we may have some supplies that will help.  We have foragers and trackers who don't mind helping and our clerics  can always offer you a 96% rez.

Beyond all of that is the atmosphere.  We offer a no-stress, casual, family atmosphere.  We believe that each person gets what they need form the game and  our role is to guide, not push.  Each person has their own goals.

We plan to offer guild events in the future and guild quests.  We are also open to a co-leader position for the right person- someone who embodies our ideals and is inventive and imaginative.

We do have rules however.  People who steal camps, intentionally train others, are loot hogs, and  present a negative  face to the world of Norrath are not welcome.  People who mooch off others, beg for  stuff from other members or outsiders, and generally take without giving are not our type of person at all.  We want people who present themselves with dignity and honesty.  We do not tolerate deciet, stealing (which includes taking stuff that is  placed in the houses and yards and hall -- only stuff in the closets, crates of houses and in the guild bank are for grabs) and anything else that would tarnish our reputation.  remember that what you do in Norrath reflects back on your guild and  the members.

That said, we welcome alts, new members, returning members, and people looking for a quiet, friendly community to call home. So if this appeals to you, contact Aerfren ingame by email and  we will work with you on becoming a member.

We also welcome someone who wants to become co-editor of this site.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Aerfren, Aug 10, 11 2:49 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Hello and thank you for visiting our  guild portal.  We are a small, family owned guild with 21 current members.  We have  two  Guild Villages.  Our main purpose is to collect and share information on  Everquest.  Watch our forums for specific topics like  various tradeskills, quests, spoilers, and certain recipes.

We are also accepting articles from our friends and associates.  if you have an article to  publish, please send it in  an email and you will get  full credit for the article.

If you need a download of a program mentioned on this site, please send an email to with your email address. We can't send you a copy without your email address.
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At this time Luclin Raiders is a closed guild and is not recruiting new members. However, if you are looking for a guild village with plenty of land to choose from, we have 2 such villages. Just send an ingame email to Aerfren to open a discussion of this interest.
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